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Make an impact on a Central Floridans life and smile by choosing to support the Working Smiles program. Choose your donation type by either purchasing a fluoride whitening toothpaste (all proceeds are donated to the WS Program, Sponsor a Patient or donate to the overall program. And don't forget to choose Working Smiles when you shop on Amazon Smile!

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How else can you help?

It's easy! One small thing can make an impact on someones life. Help us spread the word about our program or refer us to someone you know that may need the help. On occasion we ask for volunteers, let us know if you can help. Working Smiles also requires broad members to make the wheels turn, for more information use the contact form below and let us know how you can get involved. 


Are you a dentist that wants to get involved?

Our dentist network makes it possible to help provide our patients with a dignified dental experience. By treating patients in private practices we are able to keep the programs overhead down and earmark funds to direct provider and patient costs. If you would like more information about joining our provider network use the contact form for more information. 


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